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Why would you choose ACO?

At ACO we observe with great attention how people use door entry systems, what is most comfortable for them and what they miss. That is why we have created solutions for people wit disabilities, and we are working on IP system.

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Our strengths are:

Confirmed quality

Our devices are simple and easy and they are carefully manufactured. Just a basic electrical knowledge is enough to run the first installation. All devices are designed and produced in our factory.

Equipment for years!

Most of our partners choose ACO for its reliability and trouble-free maintenance throught long period of time. Securing our position is one of our priorities.

You can count on us!

We understand that in business it always comes down to man to man relations and therefore we always pay attention to our partners, we care for them and we respond quickly to their expectations. We always help each other in every day challenges.

Our offer

ACO products meets the everyday requirements. And these are far from trivial, if you consider that the entry system in a large block of flats is used hundrets of times a day. Both of the ACO lines – Inspiro+ and COMO – feature minimalist design, with brushed stainless steel panels, intended mainly for multi-family residential buildings. They work with different types of outside units – from glass video monitors to classic earphone solutions. They are available in video and audio versions, and can also operate domestic automation.

Outside units



INSPIRO+ i san extended system dedicated to multi-family residential buildings, ideally suited to both the investment market and for modernisation of properties. It can serve 1020 apartments.



COMO, on the other hand, is better for buildings housing one or a few families, serving from 1 to 256 apartments. The latest addition to ACO’s family is the acoGO! IP system – this is currently a key solution in the entry systems industry. We are still working on developing further functionalities in our devices. Learn more



We know every step of the production process inside out, we possess the knowledge and tools to provide all-round support for our partners – from the electronic and aesthetic design, through production and assembly, right up to packing and timely delivery.

Inside units







Aco go


Meet Aco Go – New Aco’s
IP Devices



At ACO we observe with great attention how people use door entry systems, what is most com-
fortable for them and what they miss. That is why we have created solutions for people wit disa-
bilities, and we are working on IP system.


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